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Stratos Ceramic Series

FormulaOne Stratos is the newest window tint technology that utilizes multiple layers made up of billions of nanoscopic particles to create advanced infrared absorbing properties.

The innovative layers are designed to trap heat and disperse it outward through your glass providing our maximum level of heat rejection without signal interference. For the car enthusiasts who seek to experience outstanding driving comfort and the luxury of privacy in their cars, the films available in the FormulaOne Stratos Series are for you!

Engineer to:
  • improved comfort
  • lessen distracting glare
  • shield passengers from 99% UV rays
  • reduce interior fading
  • reduce cracking due to UV ray exposure
Designed  to:
  • with infrared absorbing properties
  • Trap heat & disperse outward
  • rejects 63 % of solar heat
  • signal without interference
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